mot (symmys) wrote in songwriters,

New Christmas Song (Song-a-week project week 24)

So as part of my continual effort to write a song a week, I've written a Christmas song this week. The tune is called "Our First Christmas Alone"

As always, the Song-A-Week Project is hosted on the internet archive and all songs are licensed as creative commons non-commercial share-alike music.

If you'd like to just read the lyrics or listen to the song through a slick flash interface, I'm posting it to my soundclick page here: First Christmas Alone, Song-A-Week Project

Below are links to the files themselves in various formats. As always, feel free to pass the song along or record your own copy of it -- just share alike -- and of course any feedback (good or bad) is always welcome.

First Christmas Alone (mp3)
First Christmas Alone (ogg)
First Christmas Alone (flac)
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