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Television and Smart-Kid Angst: Song-A-Week Project Weeks 13 + 14

A bit behind, but I'm catching up. Here are two songs for last and this week. As always, they're available at my Song-A-Week Project site on

The first song is actually the second one I wrote but the first I recorded. It was a quickly thrown together sort of affair. It's a song with a bit of angst... I can't come up with a pithy summary of the song, but it's directed at a kid who's got an ego but no real idea where's he's going...

What will you do? (flac, lossless)
What will you do? (mp3, lossy)
What will you do? (ogg, lossy)

The second song I'm releasing here I've been working on for the past couple of weeks -- it's called "Watching TV" and it's about wanting to sit and watch TV even when there are better things to be doing. That was the initial impulse -- I ended up really thinking of the song as a companion song to "Did I shave my legs for this?", which is, I think, a fabulous song. Except that in my song, the trick is to sympathize with the shlub sitting and watching TV, which is harder that sympathizing with the disappointed spouse.

Watching TV (flac, lossless)
Watching TV (mp3, lossy)
Watching TV (ogg, lossy)
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