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The Vinegar + Just an Instinct: Song-A-Week Project Weeks 9 & 10

Here are weeks 9 & 10 of my song-of-the-week project. I was out of town for a number of weekends there so I'm a bit behind, but I will catch up! I'd anticipated falling behind one week, but didn't realize I wouldn't get any writing or recording done while I was traveling, which put me 2 songs behind. I'm traveling once again this weekend, so I'm hoping to get at least one more song out in the next few days so as not to fall further behind.

Song 9 is "The Vinegar", a song I began at the kitchen table many moons ago in hot stickiness, and only just "finished". I am proud to say "The Vinegar" has nothing to do with love, desire, etc., so I'm on my way to forging new ground.
It is my first song about salad (or the remnants thereof on my plate).
Available here:

Song #10 is called "instinct". Its inspirations include boy band music and spending time with my 4-year old niece (who is very interested in the habits of animals).

The song is my attempt to create a new, anti-spiritual (and therefore anti-romantic-in-a-traditional-sense) vocabulary for a pop song. Well, that's way too serious-sounding for this song, but you get the drift.

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