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Song-A-Week Project Weeks 7&8: Paper or Plastic and For the Best

Here are two song-a-weeks in one -- the belated song for last week and the early song for this week.

The first song is a genuine song-of-the-week -- it's called paper-or-plastic and it's a sort of country blues about indecision.

The second song is actually a song I wrote before this project started, but I was desperate (I'm going away tomorrow and won't be able to record for a while) and the song wasn't really "finished" until just now.

Also, they're digging up an oil tank and contaminated dirt all around my house, so you might hear some heavy machinery in the background (but surprisingly little comes through, given all the noise -- thank you, technology).

As usual, the songs are available on soundclick (as mp3s or streaming through their flash interface) and also at the internet archive (as ogg, flac or mp3). The songs are under the creative commons license so if you want to share them with your friends, play with them, remix, re-record, etc., feel free.

Paper or Plastic

For the Best

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